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To do list
« on: March 02, 2011, 11:08:05 PM »
- Fix the 'suggest an entheogen' page so that all boxes and options are listed

- Set the forum to display posted pictures to a max size of 800x600 (go to admin panel, go to configuration and then layout options)

- Make links from the pages about the plants to the specific cultivation threads that are being created

- Recent Post area on the home page

- fix 'Edit your description' for uploaded pictures (doesn't go to any editing page)

- "edit this plants entry" goes to the edit page which lacks the section "pest(s)", which should be renamed to "common pests and pathogens" also

- make it so that I and other editors can delete plant entries totally Ill do the deletin', pm any plants that need deleted

- add image categories (seed, seedling, plant, flower, fruit, foilage/herbage, ...)

- fix/remove vendor links from plant pages
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